Johnny Cronin's Fancy

A reel in the key of G by Esbjörn Hazelius

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Abc sheet music for Johnny Cronin's Fancy
X:1626 T:Johnny Cronin's Fancy R:reel S:Esbj\"orn Hazelius Z:id:hn-reel-712 M:C| L:1/8 K:G G2FG EGDE | ~G3A Bd~d2 | eB~B2 dBAF | GBAG FDEF | G2FG EGDE | ~G3A Bd~d2 | eB~B2 dBAF |1 GBAF G2 (3DEF :|2 GBAF G2GA || |: Bdd^c d3A | Bd~d2 efg2 | Bdd^c d3B | cBAG FGAc | Bdd^c d3A | Bd~d2 efga | bgaf gedB | cBAG FGAc :| |: BGGF ~G3A | BG~G2 Bdgd | BGGF G2AB | cBAG FGAc | BGGF ~G3A | BG~G2 Bdga | bgaf gedB |1 cBAG FGAc :|2 cBAG FGAF ||
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