The Blackbird

A hornpipe in the key of Ador

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Abc sheet music for Blackbird, The
X:161 T:Blackbird, The R:hornpipe Z:id:hn-hornpipe-50 M:C| K:Ador AB|cBcB AGAe|edec G2 (3DEF|G2ge dBAB|G2E2 E2:| |:zB|efga b2ag|agab g2ed|efga b2ag|f2e2 efga| b2bg a2ae|d^cdB gab2|B2AG AcBA|G2E2 E2:| P:variations |:AB|cBcB A^GA^d|e^deB G2 (3DEF|G2ge dBAB|G2E2 E2:| |:zB|efga b2ag|agab g2eB|efga b2ag|f2e2 efga| babg a^gae|d^cdB gab2|B2AG AcBA|G2E2 E2:|
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