The Graf Spee

A reel in the key of C

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Graf Spee
Also played in D, see #484, #662 Related to "The Grand Spey", #642
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Abc sheet music for Graf Spee, The
X:1595 T:Graf Spee, The R:reel H:Also played in D, see #484, #662 H:Related to "The Grand Spey", #642 Z:id:hn-reel-681 M:C| K:C EDCD EG~G2|AGcG AGcG|EDCD EG~G2|AGcG EDD2:| |:efed cBcA|GE~E2 GAcd|1 efed cBcA|GEcE EDD2:|2 eaag (3efg ed|cAGE EDD2|| |:eg~g2 gedg|eaag ~a3g|eged cBcd|eaag (3efg dg:| |:eccB cAGE|Gced cAGE|GAcd ecdc|AGcG EDD2:| egcg egcg|fada fadf|ecgc ecdc|ABcd ed~d2| e2ae gedf|ecdB cAGE|GAcd ecdc|AGcG EDD2|| P:variations |:EDCD EG~G2|AGcG AGcG|EDCD EG~G2|AGcG EDD2:| |:e3d cdcA|GE~E2 GAcd|1 ~e3d cdcA|GECE EDD2:|2 e2ag eged|cAGE EDD2|| |:egg^f ~g3d|eaag a2ag|~e3d cBcd|eaag egdg:| |:ecde cAGE|Gced cAGE|GAcd ecdc|AGcG EDD2:| egcg egcg|fada fadf|egce egdc|ABcd ed~d2| e2ae gedf|edcd cAGE|GAcd ecdc|AGcG EDD2||
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