The Moving Bog

A reel in the key of D

A version of "Courting Them All", O'Neill's 1850 no. 1489
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Abc sheet music for Moving Bog, The
X:1589 T:Moving Bog, The T:Danny Meehan's R:reel H:A version of "Courting Them All", O'Neill's 1850 no. 1489 D:Paddy Glackin: In Full Spate D:Altan: Altan Z:id:hn-reel-675 M:C| K:D D2FA dDFA|dgfd ecAc|dAAd BGED|CEAF GFEF| D2FA dDFA|dgfd ecAc|dAAd BGED|1 CEAG FDDC:|2 CEAG FDFA|| |:defd fafd|gabg ecAc|d2fd fafd|efge fdec| defd fafd|gabg ecAc|dAAd BGED|1 CEAG FDFA:|2 CEAF GFEF|| P:Version 2 |:DEFA d2 (3ABc|defg ecAc|d2cd BGED|CEAG FDEF| D2FA d2 (3ABc|defg ecAc|d2cd BGED|1 CEAG FDEF:|2 CEAG FDD2|| |:defd gefd|gabg ecAc|defd gefd|gabg ~f3e| defd gefd|gabg ecAc|d2cd BGED|1 CEAG FDD2:|2 CEAG FDEF||
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