The New Line To Loughaun

A reel in the key of C

Also played in D, see #729
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Abc sheet music for New Line To Loughaun, The
X:1582 T:New Line To Loughaun, The T:Patsy Hanley's T:Hanly's R:reel H:Also played in D, see #729 D:Desi Wilkinson: The Three Piece Flute D:Marcas \'O Murch\'u: \'O Bh\'eal go B\'eal Z:id:hn-reel-668 M:C| K:C GAEG GAGA|(3Bcd ed cA~A2|EG~G2 A2~A2|cA{c}GE {A}EDD2:| |:eg~g2 {a}gede|g2{c'}ae {a}ged2|1 eg~g2 {a}ged2| (3Bcd ed cA~A2:|2 g2eg {c'}ageg|{a}gede cA~A2|| P:variations GAEG ~A2GA|cded cA~A2|GAEG ~A2GA|cA{c}GE {A}EDD2| ~G2EG ~A2G2|(3Bcd {a}ed cA~A2|EG~G2 ~A2GA|cA{c}GE {A}EDD2|| eg{a}ga {b}gede|~g2ag {a}gede|eg{a}ga gede|cded cA~A2| eg{a}ga {b}gede|~g2ag {a}gede|g2ea {c'}agea|{b}gede cA~A2|| P:more variations GAEG (3ABA GA|cd{a}ed cAGE|(3GAG EG (3ABA GA|cAGE D3E| (3GAG EG A2{c}AB|c2{a}ed cAGE|~G2EG A2GA|cAGE D4|| eg{a}ga gede|~g2ag {a}ged2|eg~g2 {a}gedB|cded cA{c}A2| g2{a}ga gede|~g2ag {a}ged2|gaeg {c'}age^f|{a}gedB cA{c}A2|| P:even more variations EG~G2 A2GA|c2{a}ed cAGE|~G2EG (3ABA GA|cAGE D4| EG~G2 A2{c}AB|cd{a}ed cAGE|GAEG A2{c}AB|cAGE D4|| eg{a}ga gede|ge{c'}ae {a}gedg|eg{a}ga {a}gedB|cded cA{c}A2| ~g3a gede|{a}geae {a}gede|^fg~g2 a3a|{a}gedB cA{c}A2||
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