The Square of Crossmaglen

A reel in the key of Gdor

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Abc sheet music for Square of Crossmaglen, The
X:1572 T:Square of Crossmaglen, The R:reel C:Josephine Keegan Z:id:hn-reel-658 K:Gdor ~G3A B2GA|BGAG FDA,=B,|CFFE FdcA|FC~C2 A,=B,CF| DGGA BGGD|~_E3F DGGA|BABc d2cA|1 BdA=F DGGD:|2 BdA=F DGGd|| ~g3d Bcd=f|~g3d BcdB|cffe fgag|fc~c2 Acd=f| ~g3d Bcd=f|gbag fddc|~B3c AdcA|1 BdA=F DGGd:|2 BdA=F DGG2|
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