The View Across The Valley

A reel in the key of D

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The View Across The Valley
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Abc sheet music for View Across The Valley, The
X:1541 T:View Across The Valley, The T:Brady's T:John Brady's R:reel C:John Brady, Co. Offaly D:Fisherstreet Z:id:hn-reel-627 M:C| K:D fded B2FB | AF~F2 DFAd | fded BAFA | Beed e2de | fded B2FB | AF~F2 DFAd | fa~a2 bfaf | dBAG FDD2 :| |: fa~a2 bfaf | dB~B2 AF~F2 | ~A3B defd | e2df edBd | fa~a2 bfaf | dB~B2 AF~F2 | ~A3B defe | dBAG FDD2 :| P:variations |: f2ed BAFB | AF~F2 DFAd | f2ed BAFA | Beed efde | f2ed ABFB | AF~F2 DFAd | fdad bdaf | dBAG FDde :| |: ~f3a bfaf | d2 (3Bcd AF~F2 | AFAB defd | efdf eB~B2 | faaf bfaf | dABd AF~F2 | AFAB defe | dBAG FDde :|
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