Morse Avenue

A reel in the key of D

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Morse Avenue
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Abc sheet music for Morse Avenue
X:1525 T:Morse Avenue R:reel C:Liz Carroll (1956-) D:Nomos: I Won't Be Afraid Any More D:Sean Smyth: The Blue Fiddle Z:id:hn-reel-611 M:C| K:D d2dA BAFE|DEFA BAFA|BF~F2 BFBd|AB~B2 defe| d2dA BAFE|DEFA BAFA|dedA BAFB|AFEF DEFA:| dffe ~f3g|fedf edBA|dffe fede|faag agfe| dffe ~f3g|fedf edBc|~d3A BAFB|AFEF DEFA| dffe ~f3g|fedf edBA|dffe fede|faag a2fa| bafb afeg|fedf edBc|~d3A BAFB|AFEF DEFA|| P:variations |:d2dA BAFE|DA,DB BAFA|BF~F2 AB~B2|FB~B2 defe| d2dA BAFE|DA,DB BAFA|dA~A2 BAFB|1 AFAB d2dc:|2 AFAB d2AB|| df~f2 fedf|af~f2 fedc|df~f2 fede|~f3g a2fe| ~d3e fedf|af~f2 fedc|dA~A2 BAFB|AFAB d2AB| df~f2 fedf|af~f2 fedc|df~f2 fede|~f3g a2fa| bf~f2 afec|d2df edcA|d2~d2 BAFB|AFAB d2dc||
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