The Japanese Hornpipe

A hornpipe in the key of G

See also #70
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Abc sheet music for Japanese Hornpipe, The
X:152 T:Japanese Hornpipe, The R:hornpipe H:See also #70 D:Sully and John Keenan: Dublin Banjos Z:id:hn-hornpipe-41 M:C| K:G Bc|d2^cd =cdBc|ABGA FGEF|DEFG ABcd|ed^cd B2B=c| d2^cd =cdBc|ABGA FGEF|DEFG ABcd|(3fed (3cBA G2:| |:DG|B2Bc BAGB|d2A2 A2DF|A2AB AdcA|B2G2 G2DG| B2Bc BAGB|d2A2 A2Bc|d2^cd fd=cA|(3GAG FA G2:|
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