A reel in the key of Gdor

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for O'Dowd's
Also played with doubled parts
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Abc sheet music for O'Dowd's
X:1515 T:O'Dowd's T:Dowd's Favourite R:reel H:Also played with doubled parts Z:id:hn-reel-601 M:C| K:Gdor DGGA BABG|DF~F2 CFAF|DGGA BABd|(3cBA fc AGGF| DGGA BABG|DF~F2 dFcF|DGGA BABd|(3cBA fc AGGA|| B2dB FBdB|B2dB cAFA|B2dB fBdB|cAFA BGGA| (3Bcd Bd fBdc|(3Bcd Bd cAFA|GB (3ABc Bbag|fdcA BGG2|| gd~d2 gbag|fc~c2 fgaf|gd~d2 gbag|fdcA BGBd| g2fa g2ag|f2eg fdcA|GB (3ABc Bbag|fdcA BGGF|| P:variations DGGA BABG|DF~F2 FDCF|DGGA BABd|cAfA AGGF| DGGA BABG|DF~F2 FDCF|DGGA BABd|cAfA AGGA|| B2FB FBdB|DFBd cAFA|B2FB fBdB|cAFA BGGA| ~B3d fB~B2|~B2dB cAFA|GBAc Bage|fdcA BGG2|| gd~d2 gbag|fc~c2 fgaf|g2dg gbag|fdcA BGBd| ~g3d gbag|fgeg fdcA|GBAc Bage|fdcA BGGF||
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