The Old Road to Garry

A reel in the key of C

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Old Road to Garry
Also in D, #363
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Abc sheet music for Old Road to Garry, The
X:1509 T:Old Road to Garry, The R:reel C:Paddy O'Brien (Nenagh) (1922-1991) H:Also in D, #363 Z:id:hn-reel-595 M:C| K:C cE~E2 GAce|dcAG AdcA|GE~E2 GAce|fagf eccB| cE~E2 GAce|dcAG Adde|~f3d eage|d2cd ecc2|| eg~g2 ecgc|Addc defa|gece gceg|fagf ec~c2| eg~g2 ecgc|Addc defg|aege decA|GAcd ec~c2|| cBcG AGEG|Addc dfed|cE~E2 GAce|fagf efed| cBcG AGEG|Addc BGAB|cege fage|d2cd ec~c2|| eg~g2 eceg|aege dcAd|eg~g2 edcA|GAcd ec~c2| eg~g2 eceg|aege dcde|~f3d eage|d2cd ec~c2||
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