The Galtee Reel

A reel in the key of Ador by Louise Costello

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Abc sheet music for Galtee Reel, The
X:1496 T:Galtee Reel, The T:Dangerous Reel, The R:reel S:Louise Costello D:Fintan Vallely: Traditional Irish Flute Music Z:id:hn-reel-582 M:C| K:Ador aged cAAG|EA~A2 EA~A2|aged cAAc|BGGF GABd| aged cAAG|EA~A2 a2ga|bgag eaaf|1 gedB BA~A2:|2 gedB BAAB|| |:~c3B cded|c2Bc dBGB|~c3B cded|cBAG EAAB| ~c3B cded|cA~A2 a2ga|bgag eaaf|1 gedB cAAB:|2 gedB cA~A2|| P:version 2 |:aged cAAG|EA~A2 G2EG|aged cAAG|EG~G2 EGD2| aged cAAG|EA~A2 a2ga|bgaf gedB|1 dBAG EA~A2:|2 dBAG EAAB|| |:c2AB cded|cAAG EAAB|c2AB cded|EGGF GED2| cBAB cded|cA~A2 a2ga|bgaf gedB|1 dBAG EAAB:|2 dBAG EA~A2||
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