Sheila Coyle's

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Sheila Coyle's
X:1492 T:Sheila Coyle's R:reel D:Four Men and a Dog: Barking Mad Z:id:hn-reel-578 M:C| K:D FA~A2 FADF|ADFA BAFD|GBBA ~B3G|ABdf edBA| FA~A2 FADF|ADFA BAFD|GB~B2 AFDF|EFGE FDD2:| |:dffe fgfe|dcdB AFDF|Ac~c2 ecAc|~B3A BAFA| dffe fgfe|dcdB AFDF|GB~B2 AFDF|EFGE FDD2:| P:variations |:FA~A2 FADF|ADFA BAGF|GB~B2 BcBG|ABdf edBA| FA~A2 FADF|ADFA BAGF|GABd AF~F2|~E3G FDD2:| |:dffe fgfe|dBAB ADFA|ceec e2ec|B2dA BAFA| dffe fgfe|dBAB AFDF|GABd AF~F2|~E3G FDD2:|
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