Colonel Frazer

A reel in the key of G

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Abc sheet music for Colonel Frazer
X:1467 T:Colonel Frazer R:reel D:Johnny Doran D:Conal O'Grada: The Top of Coom D:L\'unasa Z:id:hn-reel-553 M:C| K:G dc|:BGAF DG~G2|AF~F2 ABcA|BGAF GBdg|fdcA dBcA| BGAF DG~G2|AF~F2 ABcA|BGAF GBdg|1 fdcA G2dc:|2 fdcA G2Bc|| |:dggf g2ag|fddc ABcA|dggf g2ag|fdcA GABd| ~g3f d2dc|~B3G ~A3F|GBAc (3Bcd eg|1 fdcA G2Bc:|2 fdcA G2GA|| |:Bd~d2 BGdB|AF~F2 ABcA|Bd~d2 BcdB|cAFG AG~G2| Bd~d2 BGdB|AF~F2 ABcA|GBAc Bdeg|fdcA G2GA:| |:B2GB ~B2GB|A2FA ~A2FA|B2GB ~B2GB|cAdc AGGA| B2GB GBGB|A2FA FAFA|GBAc (3Bcd eg|fdcA G2GA:| |:(3Bcd gd (3Bcd gd|Adfd Adfd|Bdgd Bdgd|cAdc AG~G2| [1 Bdgd Bdgd|Adfd gdfd|GBAc Bdeg|fdcA G2GA:| [2 Bdga agdA|F2Ad fdAF|GBAc Bdeg|fdcA G2dc|| P:variations |:BG~G2 DG~G2|ABcA dBcA|BGAF G2 (3efg|fdcA dBcA| BG~G2 DG~G2|AF~F2 (3dcB (3cBA|BGAF G2 (3efg|1 fdcA G2dc:|2 fdcA G2Bd|| |:~g3f gaag|fdcA AB~B2|~g3f gaag|fdcA AGBd| ~g3f dedc|~B2GB ADFA|~G3A Bdeg|1 fdcA G2Bd:|2 fdcA G2GA|| |:(3Bcd ^cd B=cdB|AF~F2 ABcA|BGdG BG (3Bcd|cAcd AG~G2| BGdG BGdB|AF~F2 ABcA|~G3A (3Bcd (3efg|fdcA G2GA:| |:B2GB ~B2Gd|A2Fd A2Fd|B2DG BGBd|cAFG AGGA| GB~B2 ~B2GB|A2~A2 ~A2FD|~G3A Bdeg|fdcA G2GA:| Bdgd Bdgd|Adfd Adfd|(3Bcd gd (3Bcd gd|cAFG AG~G2| (3Bcd gd gdgd|Adfd adfd|~G3A (3Bcd eg|fdcA G2GA|| Bdgd Bdgd|Adfd Adfd|(3Bcd (3Bcd gd (3Bcd|cAFG AG~G2| Bdga agdA|FAdf fdAF|~G3A (3Bcd eg|fdcA G2||
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