Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel

A reel in the key of G

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
Similar to "Trim the Velvet", #2
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Abc sheet music for Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
X:1463 T:Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel R:reel H:Similar to "Trim the Velvet", #2 Z:id:hn-reel-549 M:C| K:G DG~G2 AG~G2|DG~G2 cAFA|DG~G2 ADFA|defd cAFA:| dg~g2 aggf|dg~g2 agfe|df~f2 af~f2|defd cAFA| dg~g2 agfg|~a3g ~f3g|afge fde^c|d2eg fdcA|| |:G2dG BGdG|~G2dB cAFA|1 G2dG BGBc|defd cAFA:|2 ~B3G ADFA|defd cAFA|| |:~B3G ~A3G|BABd gedc|1 B2GB ADFA|defd cAFA:|2 BG~G2 ADFA|defd cAFA|| P:variations |:DG~G2 AGGF|dG~G2 cAGF|DG~G2 ADFA|1 defd cAGF:|2 defd cAFA|| dg~g2 afgf|dg~g2 bgaf|~d3e ~f3e|defd cAFA| dg~g2 agfg|~a3g ~f3g|(3agf ge fde^c|d2eg fdcA|| G2dG BGAF|GBdB cAFA|G2dG BG (3ABc|defd cAFA| ~G3d BGAF|GBdB cAFA|B2GB ADFA|defd cAFA|| |:B2GB (3ABc AG|~B3d gedc|1 ~B3G ADFD|d2fd cAFA:|2 B2GB ADFA|defd cAFA||
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