The Long Note

A reel in the key of Dmix

Also as a single jig, #42
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Abc sheet music for Long Note, The
X:1448 T:Long Note, The R:reel H:Also as a single jig, #42 D:Deiseal: The Long, Long Note Z:id:hn-reel-534 M:C| K:Dmix D3A AGEF|GE~E2 cEGE|~D3A AGEG|1 A2GA EAAE:|2 A2GE EDD2|| d2dB cAdB|cAdB cAG2|d2dB cA (3Bcd|eaag eddc| d2dB cAdB|cAdB cAGE|DEFG AddB|cAGE EDD2|| |:~a3b afdf|~g3a ge^ce|eaag aged|eaag eddf| ~a3b afdf|g2fg ed^cB|AB^cd e2dB|1 A2GE FDD2:|2 (3ABA GA EAGE|| P:variations |:D3A AGEF|GE~E2 cABG|~D3A AGEG|1 AEGE EAGE:|2 A2GA EDD2|| d2de cAde|ecde cAGE|Aded cA (3Bcd|eaag (3ege dc| d2de cAde|cded cAGE|DEFG Add^c|A2GE EDD2|| |:~a3b afdf|~g3a ge^ce|a2fa afdf|eaag (3ege df| defa afdf|g2fd ed^cB|AB^cd e2d^c|1 A2GE FDD2:|2 (3ABA GA EDDE||
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