Paddy Fahy's

A reel in the key of D

Also played in G, #755, and in C #925
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Abc sheet music for Paddy Fahy's
X:1447 T:Paddy Fahy's T:Paddy Fahey's R:reel C:Paddy Fahy H:Also played in G, #755, and in C #925 Z:id:hn-reel-533 M:C| K:D dcAG EFGE|A2~A2 (3Bcd cA|dcAB cdef|gfge dfec| d2cB GABG|A2~A2 cdec|dcAB cded|cAGE DEFA:| |:d2af gefd|dcAG EFGB|Ad~d2 addc|dcAG Ad~d2| d2ef geed|ceAB =cBcd|eaaf gfgb|aged cdec:|