The Pigeon on the Gate

A reel in the key of Edor

See also #140 I've include some variations of the 1st part.
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Abc sheet music for Pigeon on the Gate, The
X:1446 T:Pigeon on the Gate, The R:reel H:See also #140 H:I've include some variations of the 1st part. D:Davy Spillane: Atlantic Bridge Z:id:hn-reel-532 M:C| K:Edor ed|Be~e2 Bede|~B3A BAFE|D3A FDAF|DEFA BAFA| Be~e2 Bede|~B3A BAFA|(3DED FA dfec|dAFD E2ed| Be~e2 Bede|~B3d BAFE|D3A FDAF|ADFD Adcd| Be~e2 Bede|~B3d BAFA|DEFA dfec|dAFD E2|| |:FA|Beed edBA|(3Bcd ef gfeg|fddc dedB|AF~F2 DEFA| Beed edBA|Bdef g2fg|afge fdec|dAFD E2:|