A reel in the key of C

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Abc sheet music for Carrigaline
X:1432 T:Carrigaline T:Steeplechase T:Rock of Cashel, The R:reel D:Frankie Gavin: Frankie Goes to Town Z:id:hn-reel-518 M:C| K:C c2CD EG~G2|Addc dfed|c2cA GAcA|GAGE DCA,C| G,C~C2 EG~G2|Addc dfed|c2cA GAcA|GEDG ECC2:| |:c2ec gceg|gedc AGAB|c2ec gcec|Addc dfed| c2ec gceg|gedc ABcd|eg~g2 ea~a2|1 gedc AGAB:|2 "variation"gedf ec (3G,A,B,|| P:variations ~C3D EG~G2|"S"Adde dcAB|c2cG ABcA|AGEC DA,CA,| G,C~C2 EG~G2|Adde dcAB|~c3G AdcA|GEDF ECCA,| G,C~C2 EG~G2|Addc ~d3B|c2BG ABcA|GAGE DA,CA,| G,C~C2 ECEG|Adde dcAB|c2Gc AccA|GEDF ECC2|| |:c2ec gcea|gede dcAB|c2ec gcec|Adde dcAB| c2ec gcea|gedc ABcd|eg~g2 ea~a2|1 gedc BGAB:|2 gedB cAGE|| CB,CD EG~G2"D.S."|
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