The Belles of Tipperary

A reel in the key of D

See also #633
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Abc sheet music for Belles of Tipperary, The
X:1429 T:Belles of Tipperary, The T:New Policeman, The T:Bells of Tipperary, The R:reel H:See also #633 Z:id:hn-reel-515 M:C| K:D DA,~A,2 DEFA|d2fe dBBA|B2AF ABde|fede fe~e2| dA~A2 DEFA|d2fe dBBA|B2AF ABdB|AFEG FDD2:| |:fa~a2 afdf|gfed (3Bcd ef|g2gf gbag|faaf egfe| dB~B2 AF~F2|DF~F2 ABdf|afef dBAF|Adag fd~d2:| P:variations |:DF~F2 DEFA|defe dBBA|~B3d ABde|fafd fe~e2| DA,~A,2 DEFA|d2fe dBBA|~B3d ABdB|AFEG FDD2:| |:faab afdf|gfed cdef|g2ef gabg|f2af egfe| dBBd BAFE|DFFB ABdf|afef dBAF|A2ag fd~d2:|
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