The Boys of the Lough

A reel in the key of D

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Boys of the Lough
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Abc sheet music for Boys of the Lough, The
X:1426 T:Boys of the Lough, The R:reel D:Matt Molloy: First Album D:Catherine McEvoy, Caoimh\'in \'O Raghallaigh & M\'iche\'al \'O Raghallaigh Z:id:hn-reel-512 M:C| K:D AF~F2 AFAB|d2fd efdB|AF~F2 dBAF|~E3F EFGB| AF~F2 AFAB|defd efdB|AF~F2 dFAF|EDEF D4:| dfaf gfef|defd BcdB|AF~F2 dFAF|~E3F EFGE| dfaf gfef|defd BcdB|AF~F2 dFAF|EDEF D4| dfaf gfef|defd e2dB|AF~F2 ABde|fdgf e2fg| afge f2ec|defd BcdB|AF~F2 dFAF|EDEF D4|| P:variations |:AF~F2 AFAB|defd BcdB|AF~F2 dFAF|GEED EFGB| AF~F2 AFAB|d2fd BcdB|A2FA dBAF|EGFE D4:| dfaf gfef|defd e2dB|AF~F2 dBAF|FDGF ~E3F| dfaf gfef|defd e2dB|AF~F2 dBAF|EGFE D4| dfaf gfef|defd e2dB|AF~F2 ABde|fedf e2fg| afge fdec|d2fd e2dB|AF~F2 dBAF|EGFE D4|| P:more variations |:AF~F2 AFAB|d2fd efdB|AF~F2 dF~F2|E2ED EFGB| AF~F2 AFAB|d2fd efdB|AF~F2 dBAF|1 GFEG FDdB:|2 GFEG FDDf|| ~a3f gfec|dBcA BcdB|AF~F2 dF~F2|GEED EFGE| D2af gfec|dBcA BcdB|AF~F2 dFAF|GFEG FDDf| ~a3f gfec|dBBA BcdB|AF~F2 dcde|fdgf e2fg| afge fdec|dBBA BcdB|AF~F2 dBAF|GFEG FDdB||