Mary o' the Wisp

A reel in the key of D

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Mary o' the Wisp
Called "Moll and Tiarna" on Altan's recording
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Abc sheet music for Mary o' the Wisp
X:1421 T:Mary o' the Wisp R:reel H:Called "Moll and Tiarna" on Altan's recording D:The Brass Fiddle D:Altan: Horse with a Heart Z:id:hn-reel-507 M:C| K:D Ad~d2 ecdB|Addc dedB|Adde fdeg|fage fdBG| Ad~d2 ecdB|Addc dedB|Adde faed|1 cA (3AAA cBAA:|2 cA (3AAA cA (3AAA|| |:fdge fdge|fdge fdB2|fage fefg|aA (3AAA aA (3AAA| fdge fdge|fage fefg|abaf eged|cA (3AAA cBAA:| P:variations |:Ad~d2 efdB|Addc dedB|Adde fdeg|fage fdBd| Ad~d2 efdB|Addc dedB|Adde fded|1 cAAB cA~A2:|2 cA (3AAA cdeg|| |:fAgA fAgA|fage fdde|fAgA fefg|aA~A2 afge| fAgA fAgA|fage fefg|abaf efed|1 cA~A2 cdeg:|2 cA~A2 cA~A2||
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