The Grand Canal

A reel in the key of Ador

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Abc sheet music for Grand Canal, The
X:1397 T:Grand Canal, The R:reel D:Molloy, Peoples, Brady Z:id:hn-reel-483 M:C| K:Ador ABcA GE~E2|GEAE GE~E2|ABcA GE~E2|DEGB A2AG| ABcA GEEF|G2GA GEEG|AB (3cBA GEEB|cdec d2cd|| eaag ed~d2|cdeg gedg|eaag edcd|edcA d2cd| eaag ed~d2|cdeg gedf|efge d2cd|edcA d2dc|| P:version 2 A2cA GE~E2|GEAE GE~E2|A2cA GE~E2|cdec dcAG| ABcA GE~E2|GEAE GE~E2|ABcA GE~E2|cdec d2^cd|| eaag ed~d2|^cdef gfed|eaag ed~d2|edcA dcAG| eaag ed~d2|^cdef gfed|efge d2^cd|edcA dcAG||
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