Fred Finn's

A reel in the key of D

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Fred Finn's
Also known as The Berkshire Heights
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Abc sheet music for Fred Finn's
X:1383 T:Fred Finn's T:Berkshire Heights, The R:reel D:Music at Matt Molloy's D:Paul Brady & Andy Irvine Z:id:hn-reel-469 M:C| K:D ~A3F ABde|fdec d2cA|BE~E2 ~G3B|AF~F2 EFDF| ~A3F ABde|fdec d2cA|BGGB ABde|1 f2eg fddB:|2 f2eg fdde|| |:fdad bdaf|dfaf fede|fbba b2ba|fbaf feeg| fdad bdaf|dfaf fedB|~A3F ABde|1 f2eg fdde:|2 f2eg fddB|| P:variations |:A2FA ABde|fdef dBcA|BE~E2 BEGB|AF~F2 DEFG| A2FA ABde|fdef dBcA|BEGB ABde|1 faeg fddB:|2 f2eg fdde|| |:fdad bdaf|dfaf fede|fbba b2ba|fbba fe~e2| fdad bdaf|dfaf fedB|AF~F2 ABde|1 faeg fdde:|2 faeg fddB||
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