The Hare's Paw

A reel in the key of Em

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Abc sheet music for Hare's Paw, The
X:1354 T:Hare's Paw, The T:Corry Boys, The R:reel D:Tommy Keane: The Piper's Apron D:John McKenna Z:id:hn-reel-440 M:C| K:Em ~G3B A2GA | BE~E2 GEDE | ~G3A ~B3d |1 (3efg fg edBA :|2 (3efg fg ~e3f || |: g2fg edB^c | d2 (3fed ^cdef | g2fg ed (3B^cd |1 egfg ~e3f :|2 egfg edBA || P:variations ~G3B ABGA | BE~E2 GEDE | ~G3A BA (3Bcd | egfg edBA | GABG A2GA | BE~E2 GEDE | GFGA BABd | (3efg fd ~e3f || g2fg edBc | d2ed (3B^cd ef | g2fg ed (3B^cd | egfd ~e3f | g2fg edBc | d2ed BABd | ~e3f ed (3B^cd | egfa gedB ||
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