A Long Way From Home

A reel in the key of D by Session Galway 1992

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Abc sheet music for A Long Way From Home
X:1351 T:A Long Way From Home T:Trip to Kinvara, The R:reel C:Martin Mulhaire S:Session Galway 1992 D:Buttons & Bows Z:id:hn-reel-437 M:C| K:D ~f3e dcdB|AFDF A2FA|~f3e dfbf|af~f2 edBc| dB~B2 BAFE|DEFA BAFA|ba~a2 fdBc|1 dfec d3e:|2 dfec dABc|| |:d2fd adfa|bagb afef|d2fd adfd|Acec fcec| d2fd adfa|bagb ~a3f|1 ~g3e f2af|gfed cABc:|2 ~g3e ~f3a|gfed cAce|| P:Version 2: |:~f3e d3B|ADFD ADFD|f2fe dfbf|afgf edBc| dB~B2 BA^GB|ADFD ADFA|ba~a2 fd~d2|1 egfe d2de:|2 egfe d3c|| |:d2df ~a3z|abgb agfe|d2fd adfd|(3cBA eA fAec| d2df a2~a2|abgb ~a3f|~g3e ~f3a|1 gfed cABc:|2 gfed cAce||
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