Derry Hornpipe, The

A hornpipe in the key of D
Abc Source
X:135 T:Derry Hornpipe, The R:hornpipe H:Played with 2, 3 or 5 parts. Parts 4 and 5: see also "The Elks' Festival", #89 D:Seamus Ennis: The Fox Chase Z:id:hn-hornpipe-24 M:C| K:D AG|:F2Ad fdAF|G2Bd gdBG|F2Ad fdAF|E2Ac ecAG| F2Ad fdAF|G2Bd g2ag|(3faf df eAce|1 dfec dBAG:|2 dfec defg|| |:a2fd Adfa|g2ec Aceg|a2fd Adfd|(3efe (3dcB A2fg| a2fd Adfa|gfef g2ag|(3faf df eAce|1 dfec defg:|2 dfec dBAG|| |:(3FED AD BDAD|dcdf ecAG|(3FED AD BDAD|(3EFG FA G2AG| (3FED AD BDAD|dcdf ecAg|(3faf df eAce|1 dfec dBAG:|2 dfec defg|| ~a3b afdf|~g3a gece|~a3b afdf|(3efe (3dcB A2fg| ~a3b afdf|gfef gbag|(3faf df eAce|dfec defg|| ~a3b afdf|~g3a gece|fdge afbg|(3gfe (3dcB A2fg| afbf afdf|gfef gbag|fAdf eAce|dfec d2FG|| |:AFAd fedc|BGBd gfed|cAce (3agf ge|cedB A2FG| AFAd fedc|BGBd g2ag|fAdf eAce|1 dfec d2FG:|2 dfec dBAG||
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