The Spike Island Lasses

A reel in the key of Dmix by Session Galway 1992

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Spike Island Lasses
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Abc sheet music for Spike Island Lasses, The
X:1340 T:Spike Island Lasses, The R:reel S:Session Galway 1992 Z:id:hn-reel-426 M:C| K:Dmix cAGB AD~D2|AD~D2 FGAB|cAGB AGFG|1 Adde fded:|2 Add^c d3e|| f2df efge|fded ^cA~A2|f2df ed^cB|Add^c d2^cd| ea~a2 efge|dfed =cAAG|Add^c d3=c|Adde fded|| cAGB ~A3d|~B3G ~A3d|cAGB AGFG|Adde fded| cAGB ~A3d|BGGF GBdB|cAGB AGFG|Add^c d3e|| (3fed ad fdad|(3fed af ge~e2|fdad bdad|fage dcAc| defg ~a3b|agfa ~g3e|fedf ed^cA|d^cde fded|| P:variations |:cAGc ADDE|FDAD (3EFG AB|cAGc AD (3EFG|1 Adde fded:|2 Add^c d3e|| f2df efge|fded =cA~A2|fedf efge|afge ~d3f| eaag efge|d2ed =cAGc|Add^c d3=c|Adde fded|| cAGB ~A3d|BdBG A2dB|cAGc AD (3EFG|Adde fded| cAGB ~A3d|BGGF G2dB|cAGc AD (3EFG|Add^c d3g|| f2ad fdad|faaf geeg|fd~d2 bdad|fage dcAc| defg ~a3b|agfa ~g3e|f2df ed^cB|Adde fded||
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