Jackie Daly's #1

A reel in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Jackie Daly's #1
X:1337 T:Jackie Daly's #1 R:reel C:Jackie Daly D:Arcady Z:id:hn-reel-423 M:C| K:Edor GF|EGB,E DE (3FED|E2Bc dBAF|EGB,E D2CD|B,CDE FAGF| EBGE DAFD|=CDEC B,2CB,|A,B,=CE DEFB|AFDF E2:| |:zA|Bdeg fede|fagf edBA|GFGA BABc|dcde dBA=c| B=cBG ABAF|GAGE F2 (3A,A,A,|A,B,=CE DEFB|AFDF E2:|
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