Billy Brocker's

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Billy Brocker's
X:1331 T:Billy Brocker's R:reel D:Tommy Keane: The Piper's Apron D:Bothy Band: Old Hag You've Killed Me D:Mary Bergin: Fead\'oga St\'ain 2 Z:id:hn-reel-417 M:C| K:D AF~F2 AFdB | AF~F2 ~G3B | AF~F2 ABdf |1 efge fedB :|2 efge fddc || |: d2de faaf | eA{c}BA eA{c}BA |1 dcde faaf | gfeg fddc :|2 ~f3a g2fg | afge fedB || P:variations |: AF~F2 AFdB | ADFA ~G3B | A2FA ABdf |1 efge fedB :|2 efge fedc || |: d2df ~a3f | eA{c}BA eA{c}BA |1 dcdf ~a3g | fgeg fedc :|2 ~f3g ~g2fg | gffe fedB ||