The Humours of Allegheny

A reel in the key of Ador

Similar to "The Crosses of Annagh", #477
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Abc sheet music for Humours of Allegheny, The
X:1329 T:Humours of Allegheny, The R:reel C:Larry McCullough H:Similar to "The Crosses of Annagh", #477 D:Light through the Leaves Z:id:hn-reel-415 M:C| K:Ador ~A3G ~A3d|eg~g2 edBA|~G3A GE~E2|DE~E2 GDEG| ABAG ~A3d|eg~g2 aged|eg~g2 ed (3Bcd|edBG ~A3G| AGAB ~A2 (3Bcd|~e3g edBA|~G3A GE~E2|DE~E2 ~G3E| ABAG ~A3d|eg~g2 aged|eg~g2 ed (3Bcd|edBG ~A3z|| ~e3g edeg|ag~g2 edBA|~G3A Bd~d2|~e3g ed (3Bcd| ~e3g ~e3g|ag~g2 edBA|~G3A Bd~d2|edBG ~A3z| edeg dege|~a3g aged|~G3A Bd{f}ed|~e3g ed (3Bcd| ~e3g edeg|~a3g aged|~G3A Bd~d2|edBG ~A3z||
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