Sporting Paddy

A reel in the key of Ador by Session

Version 2 is from Paddy Glackin / John Doherty Also in Gdor, #854
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Abc sheet music for Sporting Paddy
X:1327 T:Sporting Paddy R:reel S:Session H:Version 2 is from Paddy Glackin / John Doherty H:Also in Gdor, #854 D:Kevin Crawford: D Flute Album D:Paddy Glackin: In Full Spate Z:id:hn-reel-413 M:C| K:Ador EA~A2 GABG|EA~A2 G2ED|EA~A2 GABd|1 edge dBAG:|2 edge d2ef|| ge~e2 gede|ge~e2 a2ba|ge~e2 gedg|efge d2ef| ge~e2 gede|ge~e2 a2ga|bgaf gedg|efge dBAG|| P:Variations: EAAE GABG|EAAE GEDG|EAAE GABd|efge dBAG| EAAE GABG|EAAE GEED|EAAE GABd|efge d2ef|| ~g3a gede|ge~e2 agba|ge~e2 gedg|efge d2ef| g2fg edBd|ge~e2 a2ga|aggf gfed|ed (3gfe dBAG|| P:Version 2: |:EAAE GABG|EAAG EGDG|EAAE GABd|1 gedB BAAG:|2 gedB BAAa|| geeg dBBa|gefg a2ba|geeg dBBf|gfge dgef| geeg dBBa|gefg a2ga|(3agf gf gfed|egdB cBAG||
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