The Destitution

A reel in the key of Em

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Abc sheet music for Destitution, The
X:1325 T:Destitution, The R:reel C:Ian Stevenson D:Kathryn Tickell Band D:L\'a Lugh Z:id:hn-reel-411 M:C| K:Em E2{c}BE cE{c}BE|dcBc ABGA|E2{c}BE cEBE|{c}AGFG Ad{c}BG| E2{c}BE cEBE|dcBc ABGA|EBFB GBFB|{c}AGFG {c}BEE2:| |:Bede bede|Bede fga2|Bede bede|AB{c}BA BE~E2| Bede bede|Bede fga2|b2af {a}gfed|1 AB{c}BA BE~E2:|2 AB{c}BA GAFG|| P:variations |:E2BE cEBc|dcBc ABGF|E2BE cEBc|AGFG AdBG| E2BE cEBc|dcBc ABGF|EB~B2 GBFB|AGFA BE~E2:| |:Bede befe|Bede fga2|Bede befe|BcBA BE~E2| Bede befe|Bede fga2|(3bag af gefd|1 BdAc BE~E2:|2 edBA GAFG||
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