Boil the Kettle Early

A reel in the key of A by Session at Shoot the Crows, Sligo, 1992

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Abc sheet music for Boil the Kettle Early
X:1320 T:Boil the Kettle Early R:reel S:Session at Shoot the Crows, Sligo, 1992 Z:id:hn-reel-406 M:C| K:A ~c3A B2AF|EAcA BAFA|~c3A B2af|ecBd cAAB:| |:ce~e2 feec|ABcA BAFA|ce~e2 fece|fa~a2 bafe| ce~e2 feec|ABcA BAFA|~c3A B2af|ecBd cAAB:|
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