no name

A reel in the key of A by Session at Shoot the Crows, Sligo, 1992

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Abc sheet music for no name
X:1317 T:no name R:reel S:Session at Shoot the Crows, Sligo, 1992 Z:id:hn-reel-403 M:C| K:A CE~E2 DF~F2|CEAc BAFE|CE~E2 DFAc|dBcA BAFE| CE~E2 DF~F2|EA~A2 GB~B2|ABce feaf|1 eAcA BAFE:|2 eAcA BABc|| |:eA~A2 eAaf|eA~A2 Bcdf|eA~A2 eA~a2|ag~g2 gf~f2| eA~A2 eAaf|eA~A2 BccB|~c3B cBAc|1 eAcA BABc:|2 eAcA BAFE||
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