Punch in the Dark

A reel in the key of Bdor by Session at Shoot the Crows, Sligo, 1992

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Punch in the Dark
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Abc sheet music for Punch in the Dark
X:1316 T:Punch in the Dark R:reel C:Gerry O'Connor (banjo) S:Session at Shoot the Crows, Sligo, 1992 D:Sean Smyth: The Blue Fiddle D:Four Men and a Dog: Dr A's Secret Remedies Z:id:hn-reel-402 M:C| K:Bdor ~B3d cBdc|BdcB ~F3A|~B3d cBdc|Aa~a2 afec| ~B3d cBdc|BdcB ~F3D|1 ~E3F AGAB|cAce afec:|2 EAAG ABcA|Bcde fefg|| K:A |:~a3g aece|~a3f gabg|~a3g aece|dcBA GBde| ~a3g aece|~a3f gaba|c'abg agfe|1 dcBA GBde:|2 dcBA Bcdc||
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