The Old Pigeon on the Gate

A reel in the key of A

Also played in G, see #314
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Abc sheet music for Old Pigeon on the Gate, The
X:1314 T:Old Pigeon on the Gate, The R:reel H:Also played in G, see #314 D:De Danann: Jacket of Batteries Z:id:hn-reel-400 M:C| K:A A2cA eAcA|G2BG eGBG|A2cA eAcA|1 dcBA GBEG:|2 dcBA GBdB|| ce~e2 cA~A2|Bcde ~f3e|ceae cABc|dcBA GE~E2| ceae cA~A2|Bcde ~f3e|ceae cABc|dcBA GBEG|| P:variations |:A2cA eAcA|G2Bc dcBG|A2cA eAcA|1 dcBA GABG:|2 dcBA GABd|| ceae cA~A2|Bcde fe~e2|Acec acec|dcBA GABd| ceae cA~A2|Bcde f2ed|ceae cABc|dcBA GEGB||
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