The Porthole of the Kelp

A reel in the key of Ddor

See also #530
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Abc sheet music for Porthole of the Kelp, The
X:1312 T:Porthole of the Kelp, The R:reel C:Bobby Casey (1926-2000) H:See also #530 Z:id:hn-reel-398 M:C| K:Ddor DE|:~F3E F2DE|FEFG ECCE|F2DE FGAG|FDEC A,DDE| ~F3E FGAd|cAGF EDCE|DEFG AddB|cAGF EDCE:| |:Dddc dcAG|~F3G EDCE|Dddc dcAG|Addc d2de| eddc dcAG|~F3G EDCE|DEFG AddB|cAGF EDCE:| P:Variations |:EFFE FGAG|EFFG EDCE|EFFE FGAG|FDEC DCA,C| EFFE FGAB|cAGF EDCE|DEFG AddB|cAGF EDCE:| |:Dd~d2 dcAG|EFFG EDCE|Dd~d2 dcAG|Addc d2de| ^fd~d2 dcAG|EFFG EDCE|DEFG AddB|cAGF EDCE:|
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