The Pride of Petravore

A hornpipe in the key of Em

Also known as Eileen Oge, the Pride of Petravore
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Abc sheet music for Pride of Petravore, The
X:129 T:Pride of Petravore, The T:Eileen Oge, the Pride of Petravore R:hornpipe C:William Percy French (1854-1920) D:De Dannan: Ballroom Z:id:hn-hornpipe-18 M:C| K:Em B,2|EDEF GFGA|BcBA G2E2|D2DE FEFG|ABAG FEDF| EDEF GFGA|BcBA G2GA|B2Bc BAFG|E2ED E2:| |:z2|[e2c2][e2c2] [e3c3]e|dBGA B3c|BAFE FGAB|AGED E2 (3FGA| Bdef g2ge|dBGA B3A|B2Bc BAFG|E2ED E2:|
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