Drag Her round the Road

A reel in the key of Em

See also #879
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Abc sheet music for Drag Her round the Road
X:1288 T:Drag Her round the Road T:Shores of Lough Graney, The R:reel H:See also #879 D:Four Men and a Dog: Shifting Gravel D:Molloy, Peoples, Brady Z:id:hn-reel-374 M:C| K:Em BEED E2GE|E2GE DEGA|BEED E2DE|1 GABG A2GA:|2 GABG A2BA|| ~G3F GBdB|c2AB cded|~B3A GBde|dBGB A2BA| ~G3F GBdB|c2AB cdef|gedB c2ge|dBGB A2GA|| P:variations |:BEED E2DE|GEDB, DEGA|BEED E2DE|1 GABG A2GA:|2 GABG ~A3F|| ~G3F GBdB|cBAB cded|B2AB GBdB|GABG ~A3F| DGGF GBdB|cBAB cdea|gedB cege|dBGA BA~A2|| P:more variations BEED EGDE|GABG ABGA|BEED EGDE|GABG ADGA| BEED E2DE|EDB,E DEGA|BEED EGDE|GABG AcBA|| GBDE GBdB|ceAB cded|B2AB GBde|dBGB A2BA| GBDE GBdB|cAAB cdef|gedB cgge|dBGB ABGA||