The Silver Spire

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Silver Spire, The
X:1287 T:Silver Spire, The T:John Brennan's R:reel D:Molloy, Peoples, Brady D:Sharon Shannon Z:id:hn-reel-373 M:C| K:D DEFE DFAc|dcde fdAF|G2BG FADF|GFED CEA,C| D2FE DFAc|dcde fdAF|GABG FADF|1 EA,CE D3C:|2 EA,CE D2CB,|| |:A,B,CD EFGE|FDEF GABc|dBBA Bcde|fdgf e2fe| defd ceAc|dcdB AFDF|GABG FADF|1 EA,CE D2CB,:|2 EA,CE D3C|| P:variations: |:DF~F2 DFAc|~d3e fdAF|GABG FGAF|GFED CA,B,C| DF~F2 DFAc|~d3e fdAF|G2BG FGAF|1 EDCE D3C:|2 EDCE D2CB,|| |:A,B,CD EFGE|FDEF GABc|dBBA Bcde|fagf eABc| d2fd ecAc|dcdA BAGF|G2BG FAGF|1 EDCE D2CB,:|2 EDCE D3C||