The Curlews

A reel in the key of Bdor

See also #880
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Abc sheet music for Curlews, The
X:1281 T:Curlews, The R:reel C:Josephine Keegan H:See also #880 D:Altan: Horse with a Heart Z:id:hn-reel-367 M:C| K:Bdor fB~B2 Bcde|fece ~a3e|(3fga ed cA~A2|^GAce a^gba| fB~B2 Bcde|fece ~a3f|~=g3e ~f3e|dBBA FB~B2:| |:(3Bcd cd BF~F2|DF~F2 Bcdf|ecBc AE~E2|CEAB cedc| (3Bcd cd BF~F2|DF~F2 Bcdf|ecBA fcec|dcBA FB~B2:|
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