The Old Road to Garry

A reel in the key of D

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Old Road to Garry
Originally in C, #595
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Abc sheet music for Old Road to Garry, The
X:1277 T:Old Road to Garry, The R:reel C:Paddy O'Brien (Nenagh) (1922-1991) H:Originally in C, #595 Z:id:hn-reel-363 M:C| K:D AF~F2 ABdf|edBA BedB|AF~F2 ABdf|g2ag fddB| AF~F2 ABdf|edBA (3Bcd ef|gfge fbaf|efde fdd2:| |:a2fd adfd|Beed efgb|a2fd Adfd|gbag fdd2| a2fd adfd|Beed efga|bgaf efdB|ABde fdef:| |:d3A BAFA|Beed egfe|dF~F2 ABdf|gbag fdef| dcdA BAFA|Beed cABc|dfaf efdB|ABde fdd2:| |:faag fefa|bgaf edBA|fa~a2 fedB|ABde fd~d2| faag fefa|bgaf edef|~g3e f2af|efde fdd2:|
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