I Have No Money

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for I Have No Money
X:1257 T:I Have No Money T:N\'il Aon Airgead Agam R:reel D:Terry Bingham Z:id:hn-reel-343 M:C| K:D FAdB ~A3G|(3FGA dA FEEG|FAdB ABdf|1 afeg fedB:|2 afeg fddf|| |:afef dcdf|afea fb~b2|1 afef dcdB|ABAG FDDf:|2 af (3gfe fdBd|ABAG FDDE|| P:Variations |:FAdB ABAG|FADA FE~E2|FAdB A2Af|1 afeg fddB:|2 afeg fedf|| |:afef d2df|afea fb~b2|1 afef dedB|ABAG FADf:|2 af (3gfe dedB|ABAG (3FGA D2||
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