The Glen Road to Carrick

A reel in the key of Dmix

See also "The Chorus Reel", #486. The 2nd part in the variations is optional.
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Abc sheet music for Glen Road to Carrick, The
X:1250 T:Glen Road to Carrick, The R:reel H:See also "The Chorus Reel", #486. H:The 2nd part in the variations is optional. D:The Brass Fiddle D:Sean Keane: Jig It in Style Z:id:hn-reel-336 M:C| K:Dmix FD~D2 FDGD|FDFG ABAG|FD~D2 FDGF|1 EdcA GBAG:|2 EdcA G2FG|| Addc AGFG|Addc A2AG|Addc AGFG|EdcA GEFG| Addc AGFG|Addc A2AB|defd AGFG|EdcA G2eg|| fd~d2 fdgd|fdfg abag|fd~d2 fdef|~g2bg efge:| fde^c dBAG|FADF A2AB|defd AGFG|1 EdcA G2eg:|2 EdcA GAB^c|| dD~D2 AD~D2|dD~D2 A2B^c|1 dD~D2 AGFD|EdcA GAB^c:|2 defd AGFG|EdcA GBAG|| P:Variations |:FD~D2 FDFG|FDFG ABAG|FD~D2 FDEF|1 GdcA GBAG:|2 EdcA GEFG|| "Optional part:"|:~A3B AGFG|Ad^cd ~A3B|defd AGFG|EcEF GEFG:| Addc ABAG|Ad^cd A2FG|Addc ABAG|EcEF GEFG| Addc ABAG|Ad^cd A2AB|defd edcA|GdcA G2de|| fd~d2 fdfg|fdfg abag|fd~d2 fdef|~g2ag efge:| fde^c dBAG|FADF A2AB|defd edcA|1 GdcA G2de:|2 GdcA GAB^c|| dD~D2 AD~D2|dD~D2 A2B^c|1 dD~D2 ADFA|GEcE GAB^c:|2 defd edcA|GdcA GBAG||
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