Martin Wynn's

A reel in the key of Bm

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Martin Wynn's
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Abc sheet music for Martin Wynn's
X:1242 T:Martin Wynn's T:Martin Wynne's R:reel C:Martin Wynne (1914-98) D:Bothy Band: 1975 D:Tommy Healy & Johnny Duffy: Memories of Sligo Z:id:hn-reel-328 M:C| K:Bm F2AF E2FE|DB,~B,2 DB,A,2|B,E~E2 FEDE|FB~B2 dBBA| ~F3D E2FE|DB,~B,2 DB,A,2|B,E~E2 FEDE|FBBA ~B3A:| |:FBAF A2FA|Bdeg fdde|f2af egfe|dfed BAFE| FBAF A2FA|Bdeg fdde|f2af egfe|dBAF ~B3A:| P:Variations: |:~F3D E2FE|DB,EB, DB,A,D|B,E~E2 FEDE|FABc dcBA| FBAF EGFE|DB,~B,2 DB,A,D|B,E~E2 FEDE|FBBA ~B3A:| |:F2BF ABdA|(3Bcd eg fede|f2af gefe|dBAd BAFE| FBAF A2FA|(3Bcd eg fede|fgaf (3efg fe|dBAF ~B3A:|
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