Bantry Bay

A hornpipe in the key of G

Also played in A, see #97
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Abc sheet music for Bantry Bay
X:124 T:Bantry Bay T:Little Stack of Wheat, The T:Union Hornpipe, The R:hornpipe H:Also played in A, see #97 Z:id:hn-hornpipe-13 M:C| K:G GA|:BGAG EGDE|G2GF GBAG|EGAB cBAG|EAAG A2AB| cecA BdBG|ABAG EGDG|BGAG EGDE|1 G2GF G2GA:|2 G2GF GABc|| |:d2ed dBGA|B2e2 e3f|gfed BGBd|(3efg fa g2ef| gbgf efed|BedB ABGA|BGAG EGDE|1 G2GF GABc:|2 G2GF G2|| P:Version 2: |:dc|BABG EGDF|G2GF G2EG|AGAB cABG|EAAG A2AB| cdec BcdB|ABAG E2dc|BABG EGDF|G2GF G2:| |:Bc|dBGB dBGB|B2e2 e3f|gfed Bdef|g2gf g2fd| edef gage|dedB A2GA|BABG EGDF|G2GF G2:|
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