The Gooseberry Bush

A reel in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for Gooseberry Bush, The
X:1236 T:Gooseberry Bush, The R:reel D:Matt Molloy & Sean Keane: Contentment Is Wealth D:Paddy Glackin: In Full Spate Z:id:hn-reel-322 M:C| K:Dmix dB|:ADFD EFGB|AGAB c2AG|ABcA dcAG|FDEF GBAF| DEFD EFGB|ABcA d2 (3efg|fdde dfed|1 cAGE D2dB:|2 cAGE DEFG|| |:Ad~d2 fded|~c3d cAGc|~A3F GEED|(3EFG AB c2Bc| Ad~d2 fded|~c3d cAG2|ABcA dcAG|ABcA d2dc:| |:Ad~d2 fd~d2|efge aged|^cdef g2ef|~g3e d^cAc| d2^cd GBAG|FGAB c2AG|ABcA dcAG|1 ABcA d2dc:|2 ABcA d2dB|| P:Variations: |:ADFD EFGE|AGAB c2Bc|ABcA dcAG|FGAF ~G3E| A2FA EFGB|ABcA dcde|f2df dcAB|cAGE EDD2:| d^cde fded|=cded cAGc|ABcA GE~E2|FGAB cAGc| Ad~d2 fded|cded cAGc|ABcA dcAG|ABcA d2dc|| Ad^cd fded|=cded cAGc|ABcA GE~E2|FGAB cAGc| Ad^cd fd~d2|=cded cAGc|ABcA dcAG|ABcA d2^cd|| |:Adde fd^cd|efge aged|(3B^cd ef g2ef|g2ag e^cAc| d2FA GAAG|FGAB c2AG|ABcA dcAG|ABcA d2dc:|
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