The Old Copperplate

A reel in the key of Ador

Often played after "The Copperplate", #308, as "The Copperplates"
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Abc sheet music for Old Copperplate, The
X:1223 T:Old Copperplate, The R:reel H:Often played after "The Copperplate", #308, as "The Copperplates" D:Shaskeen: Music for Set Dances Z:id:hn-reel-309 M:C| K:Ador A2EA cA~A2|aged cAFA|G2DG BG~G2|gedc BGGB| A2EA cA~A2|aged cABG|ABcd efge|1 aged cABG:|2 aged cA~A2|| |:ageg a2bg|aged cA~A2|gede g2af|gedc BG~G2| ageg a2bg|aged cABG|ABcd efge|1 aged cA~A2:|2 aged cAGB|| P:Variations: |:~A3B cA~A2|aged cAAF|~G3A BGBd|gedc BAGB| ~A3B cA~A2|aged cdBc|ABcd efge|1 aged cAGB:|2 aged cAce|| |:ageg agbg|aged cAAa|g2gf ~g3a|gedc BG~G2| ageg agbg|aged cdBc|ABcd efge|1 aged cA~A2:|2 aged cABG||