Finbar Dwyer's

A reel in the key of G

See also #619 (different version)
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Abc sheet music for Finbar Dwyer's
X:1215 T:Finbar Dwyer's T:Fox on the Town, The T:Richard Dwyer's R:reel C:Finbarr Dwyer (1946-2014) H:See also #619 (different version) Z:id:hn-reel-301 M:C| K:G gdBd edBA|G2Bd edBd|gdBd edef|gefd efga| bggd edBA|G2Bd edBd|efgb agef|1 gbaf g2gf:|2 gbaf g2ga|| be~e2 edBd|e2Be dega|be~e2 edBd|efgb a2ef| ~g3d edBA|G2Bd edBd|efgb agef|1 gbaf g2ga:|2 gbaf g2gf||
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